The onslaught of influenza is also relieved by the presence of a clinic in the group.♪

This year's flu epidemic is serious. Every company has at least one person infected with the flu, and I hear stories of people around me whose staff members are absent from work due to the flu.   Normally, Tamiflu is not prescribed unless the patient is infected with influenza and examined and diagnosed at a medical institution, but at UASIST, the group company has a medical corporation, Fukumikai Hiro Clinic, so it is possible to purchase Tamiflu at one's own expense.   Tamiflu can shorten the fever period by one day if taken within 48 hours of the onset of type A. During the year-end and New Year's holidays, or before the holidays, when you are feeling queasy because your symptoms are not right or you may have come in contact with someone who is suspected of having the flu, you may feel better if you take this medicine.   Even if you happen to be infected with the flu, the earlier you take Tamiflu, the faster you will recover, which is very helpful.