Flow of NIPT (new prenatal diagnosis)

Flow of NIPT (new prenatal diagnosis)

This section describes the basic flow of NIPT (new prenatal diagnosis).
By understanding the overall flow of the project, we believe we will be able to handle it more smoothly.

Before booking a NIPT (new prenatal test)

Characteristics of NIPT (new prenatal diagnosis)

Non-conclusive tests (maternal serum markers and combined tests) that have been commonly used in the past could not be performed until after 11 weeks of pregnancy at the earliest. NIPT, however, can be performed between 10 and 22 weeks' gestation, allowing for earlier information on the baby (fetus). In other words, the test can be performed after 10 weeks of pregnancy, which is earlier than other prenatal diagnostic tests.

Time of NIPT (new prenatal diagnosis)

If you want to know the status of your baby (fetus) as soon as possible, you should make an appointment for NIPT (new prenatal diagnosis) in advance so that the test can be performed as soon as the test date is in the 10th week of pregnancy, not later than the 10th week of pregnancy. Please note, however, that if the test date is not after 10 weeks of pregnancy, the test itself cannot be performed.

Flow of NIPT (new prenatal diagnosis)

The medical institution will provide genetic counseling prior to the test by filling out a medical questionnaire and other forms. The main purpose of the genetic counseling is to fully understand the pertinent information about the test and to help partners decide whether or not to undergo the test.

  • Questionnaire about the course of pregnancy up to this point and previous childbirth experience
  • Other types and methods of prenatal diagnosis (testing)
  • What diseases can be detected by testing?
  • How should I interpret the test results?
  • How do I make decisions based on the test results?

All that is left is to draw about 20 cc of blood (testing the DNA of the baby's origin flowing in the mother's blood). The main feature of this test is that it is not burdensome for the mother, nor is it burdensome for the baby. Test results are available in approximately 7-14 days. The test results can be received at various medical institutions, such as in person, in writing, or by e-mail. Since it is difficult to travel during pregnancy, it is important to know whether or not it is possible to receive the test results in writing or by e-mail.

Most patients receive genetic counseling from a clinical geneticist or a certified genetic counselor after reviewing their test results. The benefit is that you can discuss how to understand the test results and what to do afterwards.

Positive results require definitive testing

NIPT (new prenatal diagnosis) is a nonconfirmatory test, which by itself does not confirm the result. In the event of a positive resultfalse positiveFor an accurate diagnosis, because of the possibility ofDefinitive examination (amniotic fluid test)is required.

Some medical institutions have a mutual aid society system in which a few thousand yen is paid before the examination to guarantee the majority of the examination cost if a definitive examination is required.


The above is the basic flow of NIPT (new prenatal diagnosis). We believe that you will be able to cope with the procedure more smoothly if you understand the overall flow of the procedure.